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About Us


Milinda Ornoguekia

I met Milinda 6 going on 7 years ago through my cousin and from the beginning I actually thought she was a snobbish lady LOL (Laugh out Loud), this is the reason they say not to judge a book by its cover. I had no idea Milinda was even interested in me, a chemistry built from there and we built a solid friendship. I enjoyed our late night conversation about ridiculous things and eventually evolved into something special. I can still recall when I knew this woman was created for me. It was Mid-October and I had been expecting to see Milinda all week but due to my work schedule I couldn’t, eventually she came to visit, when Milinda walked through the door, I couldn’t stop smiling, yes it sounds cheesy but at that moment I knew I wanted to build a future with her. I spent my time counting the seconds, minutes, hours, and days that I could see her walk through the door again so that smile, that glow, that aurora of her love could shower me all over again. I became a junky and I got hooked.
As most relationships you have your honeymoon stage then eventually you have your difficult periods, which eventually caught up to us. Milinda left for London to further her education which put a rift in our relationship, through our time apart she was still patient and persistent in making things work. We eventually found our way back to each other and I promised her if she took my hand this time around I will love her as if it was the first day she walk through the door and captured my heart for the rest of our lives together. 7 years later and I am marrying the woman that was molded into my peace, my sanity, my universe, and the soon to be the mother of our family we create together. I love you Milinda and I dedicate my heart and soul to you, as I inhale you as the definition of love so shall I exhale you as my giver of peace and life.


Babajide Adetokunbo

I met Jide some 6 years ago through his cousin who was my classmate. That’s where it all began. I am not sure if he was shy to talk to me but I made the first move. Getting to know him was truly mind-blowing; I enjoyed our late night gist about life and silly topics that made sense to us. It didn’t take me long to start falling in love with him. I knew he was different and he had this spark that just seems to continuously grow and I was just drawn to it. We started dating!
The first couple of years were unforgettable which he called our “Honey moon stage”. Then I had to travel to the UK to further my education. I was not ready to leave him but I knew I had to make the move, long distant relationship isn’t easy as it took a toll on both of us. What made it worthwhile was regardless of the problems we had over the course, I could always count on him for kind words and support. Eventually the stars aligned and we found ourselves back in each other’s arms like it was the first time we met. We have grown to know each other, understand and cherish each other. I thank God for sending me a man like Jide, he is loving, caring, understanding (sometimes) LOL (laugh out loud) and best of all, he is all mine. Am so grateful to God for this union and I pray for an eternity of continuous love from the man of my dreams who has now become my reality. I love you Jide and you will always have my heart and every piece of me.